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Why does everything in space want to kill me...

If you thought red squares were evil wait until you see what's coming...

Hint: Click to shoot, or use the keyboard. It's your choice.

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Coming soon to Windows 8

Incoming for Windows 8

"Why does everything in space want to kill me?" you ponder, fingers clamped firmly around the firing trigger.

Incoming is a space based action game for Windows 8 hell bent on breaking you down as you wade through the relentless onslaught of geometrically based enemies. Live to battle another day and you'll be rewarded with powerups and weapons to help you explore deeper and deeper into space. Laugh joyously after exploding your friends' heads as you pass their high scores.

Why are the bad guys squares? - Luke "The Magic" Lowrey
Oh god, THE HUMANITY - Anthony.vs.Code
Why aren't you working on NumberTap- Damian Karzon


  • Kill all the things in space
  • Level up while shooting things
  • Collect weapons, powerups and other cool things